MWD Logging Software


MWD Logging Software



MWD Logging System

The Polaris Logging System is a complete all-in-one package for MWD data management and reporting. With an intuitive user interface using a standard WEB Browser the Polaris Logging System is the easiest to operate with far less personnel training than any other MWD logging software.


Standard industry-required features include:

• Compatible with all major brand MWD decoding systems
• Fully compatible with all WITS based rig monitoring systems
• Full LAS file import and export functionality
• Memory module data import and depth correlation
• Log plots in PDF format that will print on roll paper plotters
• Resistivity support and logarithmic scales
• Azimuthal imaging for 2, 4 or 8-bin data
• Complete selection of detailed survey plots and reports
• Full-featured data editor and scaling functions
• Easily create full backup files for safe storage


Additional features include:

• Remote guest login for read-only access to clients
• Time-based logging and report functions for diagnostic analytics
• Automatic data synchronization to client’s WITSML server for the most accurate and up-to-date information
• User definable plot configurations for easy report management
• Detailed survey plots including well planning data for as-built reporting and gamma ray overlays
• Built-in E-mail contact management for sending predefined plots and reports to remote personnel
• Automatic database recovery backups to Dashboard Cloud Service
• Alarm condition notifications , automatic re-logging and a variety of other time saving features
• Create database templates for each customer providing consistent quality with all personnel
• Networked centralized monitoring and control of all systems